Keletso Masisi
Student Ambassador receives Sy…
7 September 2021
SANBio Student Ambassador for Botswana,
BioFISA II Biz-Boost
BioFISA II Programme returns w…
1 September 2021
SADC Protocol on STI
Creating awareness of SADC STI…
31 August 2021
SADC Ministers SANBio Business Plan
SADC Ministers Endorse SANBio…
31 August 2021
AUDA-NEPAD Centre of Excellence Launch
AUDA-NEPAD Launches Centre of…
31 August 2021
The African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD), in partnership with the Co
Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge
Virtual training on Lab Safety…
29 July 2021
Pandemic Lab Safety Challenge Deadline Extended
#Pandemiclabsafetychallenge: W…
1 July 2021
edible insects
African Neglected Crops can Un…
26 May 2021
What do Millets (Lebelebele), Fonio (acha or acca), Cowpeas
Connected Conversations
Neglected Foods of Africa: How…
17 May 2021
The role of indigenous foods which have largely been neglected by the formal