Call for expression of interest to contribute book chapter(s)

The International Science Council Regional Office for Africa (ISC ROA) based in Pretoria, South Africa is commissioning a book on Green synthesis of nanoparticles from natural plant parts to promote human health and wellbeing, with Dr Rofhiwa B. Mulaudzi (Romukhu (Pty) Ltd, Researcher/Consultant in natural plant/product development) and Dr Steven Mufamadi (Nabio Consulting (Pty) Ltd, Consultant in nanotechnology, biotechnology and pharmaceutics) and Dr Richard L.K.Glover (Programme Specialist: Biological Sciences, ISC ROA) and Dr Daniel Nyanganyura (Regional Director, ISC ROA) as external and internal editors, respectively. 

The main objective of this  book is to showcase Green Synthesis  as an emerging method for deriving  nanoparticles from natural plant parts to be used in promoting human health and wellbeing. The targeted readers are students, scientists and practitioners of nanotechnology who might appreciate novel preparation methods and characterization of nanoparticles from natural plant parts and their application towards combating communicable,  non-communicable and vector-borne diseases as well as antimicrobial resistance. It will not only provide details on existing challenges but also attempt to provide steps towards  addressing those challenges.

The provisional sections of the book  are: 
•    Nanotechnology for treatment of Non-Communicable diseases (Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases)
•    Nanotechnology for treatment of  Communicable diseases (HIV, TB, Ebola)
•    Nanotechnology for treatment of Vector-borne diseases (Malaria, Zika virus, Yellow fever
•    Nanotechnology in combating  Antimicrobial Resistance (XDR TB, Staphylococcus, Klebsiella)

Expressions of interest are welcome from potential single or multiple authors of 10-15 page chapters in any of these areas.  Authors should, however kindly note that there is no chargeable page fee, as they will be making a generous contribution to knowledge necessary to promote human health and wellbeing.

Such expressions of interest should be sent to  Dr Richard Glover ( with copies to Dr Rofhiwa Mulaudzi (, Dr Steven Mufamadi ( and Dr Daniel Nyanganyura ( latest by  29 March 2019 to enable us send you further details and guidelines. 

Book chapter outline can be found here: