The Innovation Hub Gauteng Accelerator Programme (GAP) Competition

The Innovation Hub Gauteng Accelerator Programme (GAP) competition seeks to identify and support researchers and entrepreneurs with commercialisation support. The competition selects applications with cutting edge innovation that is past the idea phase, and has five divisions that entrepreneurs and researchers can apply to: GAP Bio, GAP Med, GAP Green, GAP ICT and GAP GATE (township entrepreneurs with innovation in the Bio, Med, Green and ICT sectors).

An applicant should work or reside in South Africa, and can apply to one of the five divisions only. Once selected into the competition, semi-finalists undergo business skills development at The Innovation Hub, in preparation for a pitch to experts in the divisions. Winners are recognised at a prestigious awards ceremony, given cash prizes and seed funding tied to a year of incubation support at The Innovation Hub incubators.

Please refer to the rules and if applicable, apply to one of the divisions only.

Closing date: 15 June 2018

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