NRF/DFG Partnership on International Research Training Groups (IRTGs)

The NRF has entered into a new partnership agreement with the DFG of Germany to jointly fund International Research Training Groups (IRTGs) between the two countries. IRTGs are structured Doctoral Programmes aimed at training scientists and academics at different stages of their careers, with a particular emphasis on doctoral researchers. IRTGs promote systematic research cooperation through joint research and qualification programmes as well as through cooperative cross-border supervision of doctoral researchers. A central feature of IRTGs is the coordinated and reciprocal research visits by doctoral researchers at the respective partner institutions.

The German-South African consortium will first need to submit a joint IRTG draft proposal to the DFG, submitted by the German host university. DFG will evaluate this draft proposal according to established procedures for IRTGs.  DFG will inform the NRF of the results of the evaluations, and only positively evaluated proposals will be invited to submit a joint full proposal.

Following the process above, all South African full proposals must be submitted through an online application process to the NRF. Detailed information regarding this funding opportunity is attached.

Deadline for online applications: 31 December 2018

Additional information can be found at: