Optimised Ash Based Beef Cattle Mineral and Vitamin Block Lick for Free Choice Feeding

cows grazing

Minerals and vitamins are often ignored functional nutrients for grazing cattle especially in smallholder farming arears due to lack of technical know-how, convenient forms, availability or affordability.

It is reported that over 70% of farmers in Southern-Africa fail to realise the full value of their livestock due to poor nutrition, as a result animals suffer from chronic hunger, poor growth rate and fertility, low milk production and metabolic diseases.

Improved health – happy retirement

Improved health – happy retirement

Namibia, while a beautiful country with five distinct geographical areas, is also the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa. Water is scarce, and the dry climate contributes to limited vegetation, leading to a lack of firewood. As firewood is an important energy source in rural areas, it is a valued resource.  Fire has many uses after all; it can, for example, be used for sterilization of mushroom substrates.